About me

My name is Kamran Mammadzada. I am a data sciense enthusiast with a very curious mind. I love exploring peculiar things in this world as well as building solutions to problems, i find interesting. In the past I have worked in various organizations and supported their missions by delivering various solutions/systems as a business analyst. In recent years, I have slightly transitioned my focus to more data-driven approach and worked towards a data analyst role. I did an extensive online learning (coursera, dataquest, datacamp) in data science as well as a master’s degree to help equip myself with necessary knowledge and tools for a data science role. Despite by academic experience in data science, I am currently working as a Data Analyst at ING Belgium and with an ambition to fully transition to a data science role. Nevertheless, at my current role I enjoy helping various teams succeed by delivering various data insights, reports as well as occassional modeling.

I started this blog in order to share my journey in learning data science as well as share my progress and portfolio of various projects that I have done. Data Science learning category contains posts where I share my experience of learning data science, explore interesting topics of both technical and non-technical nature. In Projects, I share interesting endeavours I took on as well as sharing my learning.

I believe feedback is very important for personal growth, so feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think about my blog and/or its contents :)